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We will be back soon :)

Over the last four years I learned so much working on JUST SUPPLY. It is, without doubt, my favourite thing in the world, but since last July (honestly all the way from the beginning of 2021), I've felt very lost in what path i want to take this brand. I didn't know what to create, to stand for, etc. Over the last couple of months, I regained my joy for design and this brand.
I'm almost 18 years old now. Being a legal adult brings a whole new world of possibilities to this project, plus I know a little more now than when i was 14.
I want to get 100% focused on creating this new generation of JUST, and that's why I have deactivated the store (also, that tees and hoodies are so not my vibe right now).
What i can say about this new collection right now? Not much, but sign up to the mailing list. I will soon start sending a monthly update with all behind the scenes development.

will see you there,

David Vavřík

Introducing 3 Rings

The 3 Rings System is the framework we use to create our products. It sets standards from production to delivery, the way we communicate our brand with the world and defines goals to reduce, even more, our impact on the climate. We strive to create the most transparent and honest brand on the planet, sharing our core values and how we protect them is essential for this vision.

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  • 100% recycled t-shirts . JUST SUPPLY Materials collection


    launched 7 November 2019

  • II - the sea project

    launched 2 September 2020

  • III - Worldwide

    launched 1 January 2021

  • On the 14th of July 2021 I Relaunched the store with improvements across all products, the website, shipping, etc

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